No games this weekend as all fields are closed – Damm!!

The good news is now we call have our photos taken tomorrow 🙂 The following teams are requested to come to our home ground:

Under 6  – 10am
Under 7/8 – 10:15am
Under 8/9 – 10:30am
Under 14 – 9:30am

Please make sure your child is neat and tidy. Socks up, shirt done up and tucked in, hair done.

Please dress your child in their uniform, shin pads are not necessary. No long sleeve shirt underneath. They will not be playing a game, so will be able to have a warm jacket on before and after the photo.

Photo cost is $20. You will receive an A4 team shot and an A4 composite sheet with three photos of your child.

Sibling shots (A4 composite sheet) can be added to the package for $5

It would be great if you can pay tomorrow, otherwise payment due by 8th June (to your coach)