Over the past 2 weeks we had a number of our team playing trial games with other clubs.  Trial games are a fantastic way to fine tune the training work done at training and see how you are progressing ahead the start of competition.

However, teams are reminded that any trial game with another club must have the required paperwork sent to the association for approval other wise you are not covered by insurance.  If you have game then you need to make sure the field is set up accordingly.

Field Setup & Packup Responsibilities

Each team has certain obligations in this club in relation to the preparation of field set-up or pack-up whether it be a trial or competition match.

If you are the first team on a field, it’s your teams responsibility to set it up.

If you are the last team on a field, it’s your teams responsibility to pack it up.

Team managers or RTO are responsible for the collection and return of the key to the specified location.

Note the use of the word TEAM !!!

It is not the coaches, the managers, or one or two parents to carry out the obligations, it is the entire teams.

So we would appreciate your co-operation as many hands make the work light.