Welcome back to the 2015 season

Registration are now open for the 2015 season and early bird registrations is available until the 18th January (register at 2014 prices). From Monday, 19th January 2015, prices will apply. To take advantage of the early bird offer follow the “How to register online” instructions.

All Players and Coaches (RTO’s) will need to up load a passport style photo (head and shoulders) during the registration process. So please have a recent photo available when registering.

We encourage all RTO/Coaches to apply for a police check through the website…. http://www.kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au/working-with-children/working-with-children-check

This is currently optional, but will become mandatory in the near future. It is free for volunteers, and takes only a few minutes to complete the on line application, then take a copy of the printout sheet to the motor registry to verify your identity.

We will be doing several registration times when cash payments will be received, but encourage players to pay during the registration process using a credit card (a fee of approximately 2.5% will be automatically added to your transaction).

This is going to be an exciting year – so join us in the fun !!