Dear Raiders family

  1. I would like to thank everyone who has worked so hard to get the Club organised and particularly our All Age team.
  2. You will see the soccer draw on our website when you click on ‘competition draw’. Note the competition starts this Saturday 2/4/2016. Make sure you know how to get to the venues as the U6, U8, U9 and U11 are all playing away. The All Age will be at home at 3.00pm on Saturday.
  3. We are assured by St George Soccer Football Assn Inc that all outstanding cards will be printed this week. As usual computer systems are over-loaded and we have had to do a lot of chasing up but fortunately all our systems were in good shape. Thanks to everyone who helped clarify payments and details.
  4. We must be very careful of fines for lapses in administration. The Association raises thousands of dollars from fining clubs for breaches of administrative protocol. This is most evident in competition teams. So competition managers have to be compulsive obsessive administration freaks. If you have such super nerds in your team, use them.
  5. We will start with the shirts we have and upgrade the junior shirts with the latest logos etc ASAP.
  6. Try to use the canteen when it’s open, when you’re at the home ground because if we want it to continue, it has to be viable. Managers can nominate an outstanding player for each match who will be eligible for a free sausage on a roll and can a drink from the canteen. Gerald will keep a list.
  7. The most important thing is to look after the welfare of our players and encourage all of our kids to meet their commitments. We reward commitment and recognise achievement.
  8.  You should be very proud of our Club now starting its 58th season and as one of the oldest, continuous football clubs in the St George district.
The 2016 Match Sheets and RTO handbooks have now been loaded on to the Resources page of the web site.