End of Year Survey

Welcome to the Rockdale City Raiders End of Year Survey

Thank you for taking the time to gives us feedback on the 2019 season.  Your feedback will help us to plan and improve the way we manage the 2020 season.

Please note the survey is anonymous and your privacy will be protected.  We have around 10 questions which will take you less than 2 mins to complete

What was your involvement in the club this year? (Please tick all that apply)
What age group/s were you associated with?
Is this your first time at the club?
Do you think the club was well organised in 2019?
How did you find the registration?
How would you rate the clubs communication?
What was your experience of the clubs communication (amount and relevancy)?
How do you prefer to receive messages from the club? (Please tick all that apply)
Do you intend to return in 2020?
If not or maybe? What could we have done or can we do differently to encourage you to return?
Would you be interested in volunteering in 2020?
If you want to volunteer, in what capacity? (please tick all that apply)
What did we do really well in 2019?
How can we improve and make 2020 a better season?