It has been a bit rocky getting to the start of the season with the weather. Rain last week followed by a beautiful weekend meant that all fields were closed and we couldn’t run trial games.

Rain is predicted for Thursday, BUT, it is essential that we get all players to the field to issue uniforms to everyone. (In the hope that you play your first game on Saturday). If you are a returning player you will receive new socks, shorts will be issued only if you require a larger size.

If it is not raining we will be aiming to spend a bit of time getting the younger players used to how a game is run.

If you have indicated that you are willing to help with the management and/or training of a team it is essential that you fill in RTO (registered team official) paperwork this week. Each team needs to have at least one RTO at every game they play. Hence the need for a team to have at least two preferably three RTO’s so if one is sick or away there is a back up person.

The role of the RTO on match day…
before the game  – hand the days match sheet to the referee (please cross off the names of any player not playing that game)

  • hand the referee the game fees (if you have a volunteer referee they may ask for the fee but many will do it voluntarily)
  • hand over an RTO card to the referee (only this person is allowed inside the ropes)
  • have your teams player cards ready for checking by the other team and checks the other teams player cards.

during the game

  • The RTO inside the rope (coach) coaches the team on the field, substitutes players on and off the field,
  • the RTO stands near the halfway line, inside the technical area (if one is marked), they are not permitted to run up and down the sideline with the play.
  • attends any player on the field who may need assistance at the request of the referee
  • one parent to wear the bright orange vest, this person is responsible for controlling the behaviour of your team’s spectators.
  • ensure all reserves are wearing a bib to indicate that they are not currently involved with play.
  • if the field has a technical area, reserves sit in it wearing a bib.
  • if no technical area, reserves stand outside the rope wearing a bib.

at the end of the game

  • collects the match sheet and RTO card from the referee

The match sheet needs to be dropped off to the association office as per instructions on the match sheet. The best time to do this is straight after the game, otherwise it is very easy to forget and fines are imposed for late/missing sheets.

For the first two weeks (ie 5th and 12th April only) match sheets can be dropped off at our field to be checked to make sure all details are entered. After that each team is responsible for dropping sheets off directly to the association. I will be coming past the field about 1:30pm on these two Saturdays, if your sheet is not there by that time you will need to drop it off to the association.

Match fees for juniors are covered in your registration. Any fee paid out by an RTO will be reimbursed at the next Raiders meeting.

Fees are
U6/7  $5.50 (per team)
U8/9  $7.00 (per team)
U15   $16.50

Adult teams are responsible for their own fees
referee only          $26.00
with one assistant    $39.00
with two assistants   $52.00

Please make sure you arrive at the field with the correct change or approach the canteen about getting change. Referees are not banks and are not expected to give change.

All players remember to aim be at the field half an hour before your scheduled game kickoff time, ready to warm up before the game. This allows your game to start on time.

If you cannot get to a game please let your RTO know as soon as possible.

I will be at the field this Thursday between 5 and 5:30pm  then between 6:30 and 7:30

I am needing someone to take over handling the registrars job.  Please consider if you are able to help with this. I have been filling a few roles so there is the possibility of sharing the jobs around.

Please talk to me if you can help