2011 Perpetual Awards

Presidents Award

M Esperance

Manager of the year

M Fukuta Under 7 Goats

Coach of the year

V Gorsevski Under 8 Emu

Best Team Performance (non comp)

Under 6 Bears coach R Heap

Best Team Performance (comp)

Over 35s

Outstanding commitment to the club

P Hager

Best New Player

J Moselmane Under 7 Goat

Goalkeeper of the year

H Norved Under 8 Bee

Most Outstanding Player (comp)

G Esperanca Under 12b

Most Outstanding Player (non comp)

H Haider Under 8 Emu

5 year medals

These players have been awarded with medals for playing for Rockdale City Raiders 5 consecutive years.
M Marjanovic
K Seed
C Obaid
P Parra
C Kulikoff
G Esperanca
R Dal Bianco
J Pereira
F Sainz
J Perry