The Rockdale City Raiders Football Club was formed in 1956 and celebrates more than 50 years, a fantastic achievement for any organisation. Rockdale City Raiders has a rich history with stories and memories of the wonderful times and some sad times. It’s the wonderful family of sporting and community minded people that make Rockdale City Raiders the club for families.

Many of our players have gone on to great things in different sports and all areas of human endeavour.  We believe that the Club has helped them to win the game of life.

We are all richer people because of the experiences we have enjoyed at this wonderful Club and we owe a great debt to those with a vision, energy and commitment to build it, fund it and maintain it.

Special thank you to all those who volunteer their time & expertise to the club from year to year.


Maurice J Neil QC
Dr Bruce Sheldon FRACOG


Ron Ogilvie


Stephen Milgate


Nancy Hunt

Coaching Director

Ian Baddock


Yvonne Perry

Executive Committee Members

Karyn Seed

Life Members

Jim Graham (dec)
Don Marshall (dec)
Ian Baddock
Keith Tasker
Phillip Marshall
Tom Smith
Mark Michel
Ron Ogilvie
David Wilkes (dec)
Stephen Brimicombe
Larry Sharpe

Past Presidents

Ron Ogilvie
Stephen Brimicombe
Mark Seed