Dear Raiders family

  1. Thanks to all those players and parents who turned up last night for the emergency training session.  We train again on Wednesday night @ 6.00pm regardless of weather.
  2. Our season starts this Saturday and President Ron has kindly given us the draw (see below)
  3. Details of the competition are on the website, go to competition draw and put in your team and club.  All parents are expected to use the website for information.  We will email you when there are differences like late cancellations etc.  otherwise we will expect that you become organised with your team
  4. New shirts, shorts and socks are on their way thanks to Dana Quick who is one of our mums with multi-talented ability to design and produce sports gear.   Our kids are going to look sensational.
  5. Our Club rewards commitment and recognises achievement.  It is therefore important that every parent is fully committed to the team and the Club.   Your children will participating according to their parent’s attitude.  Our kids are worth 100% of your effort.  Our goal is to help them grow into happy adults who take responsibility for themselves and others.  This starts with learning how to be part of a team and make regular commitment to training and games
  6. All players are expected to pay their registration fees.  This is best done online.  I will be chasing up outstanding payments.
  7. We have a number of parents who have stepped up and taken responsibility for the Club in organising teams.  I thank them on behalf of our children for their outstanding efforts.
  8. A big thanks for Gerald, for all of his work as registrar.
  9. I will be leaving for the UK for a month’s holiday next Tuesday.  President Ron will be the Secretary in my absence.  I will be in regular contact with him and will have all the team details with me.
  10. The wet weather has not dampened our spirits and we will have a great season and a lot of fun. 


Look forward to a great time in 2017.