With registration due to start on Wed 31st January for Rockdale Raiders teams we had requests for more information on how to apply the Active Kids Program discount.   The information below has been provided by the FFA and Active Kids Guidelines.

Step 1 – Apply apply for and redeem vouchers

A.  Visit sport.nsw.gov.au/activekids. Read the Guidelines and Fact Sheets to learn about the program.

B.  Visit service.nsw.gov.au and create or login to your MyServiceNSW Account.

C.  Complete an Active Kids application through your MyServiceNSW Account.  You will receive a voucher with a unique ID number for each child you register (available to download, print and email).


Step 2 – Register at FFA

A.  Register child as per normal. If new to the registration process just follow these steps.

B. At Invoice Screen there will be messaging for parents to enter their Voucher Code.  The system will automatically check the validity of that code and where approved, the invoice will automatically update to be less $100.  

The Club will be granted the $100 from Service NSW into their bank account for each eligible code entered by players registering to their Club.

Please Note:  When your child commences their chosen sport or activity, your online account will show the status of the voucher change from ‘Active’ to ‘Redeemed’.

This is a new process for all of us and we will all be learning along the way so we ask for your patience.  If you have any questions please send us a message.