Coaching Support Day

Nov 16, 2021 | News, Training

Coaches and Mgrs. & Friends !  

It’s all happening in Raider land !   –   I hear most (including lots of the boys and girls) have already been down to the new field & had a kick !  & the verdict is “Amazing “

Coaching support in 2022 !   Tom Belcher

We are really excited that Tom has accepted the role to assist Coaches, Mgrs and teams with a focus on the 6 yrs.  – 10 yrs.

To get started Tom has invited everyone ( & their friends , parents etc ) to get together :

  • Sat Nov  20th
  • Time  2.30 pm  –  3.30 pm
  • Venue  :  Jim Graham Field ( Raider Land)  (We will go inside & onto the pitch )

The idea is to :

  • Meet Tom,
  • Discuss what you need from him
  • Share his ideas
  • Start to develop a Raider Coaching Philosophy / Approach
  • Score some Goals !

IMPORTANT  – Even if your not sure what your involvement maybe in 2022 please join us as we need your input

( No-one will be asked to ‘sign on the dotted line” – promise

NB  While Tom’s focus will be on the younger teams I’d encourage everyone to come along you will learn and we want input from a broad spectrum

Please let me know if you can make it and if you have any ideas or thought


Raider Ron
Rockdale City Raiders

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